How to Play

To Play Slots doesn't require superior skills, it is indeed very simple game where you just need to click a Play button and then watch the reels spinning. Slots is the probability game, where you sometimes win and sometime not.

But of course if you want to get the best outcome and win more coins, especially if you are new to playing Slots online and just downloaded Win on Slots on your mobile device, we recommend you to skim through this article in order to get better understanding how Win on Slots works.

Win on Slots is just gets better when you know more!

Win on Slots: The Basics

At least once in life everyone has played classic Slots Machine. In traditional Slots Machine there are three or more reels, which spin when you push the button or drag legacy lever. In order to win in Slots you should get identical symbols lined-up in the middle. In Win on Slots Online Casino classic you get the opportunity to enjoy improved slots experience, playing multiple reels at the same time.

Here you play virtual slot machine combined of 5 reels, then to win you don't need to get the streak in the middle row. It can appear in the top or bottom rows, also can be in diagonal or even zigzag. Notice, that location of winning slots can be distributed differently in different slots. In our Win on Slots Online Casino everything is possible. You never miss the moment when you win, since our intelligent computer will notify you upon all the matches you made in Win on Slots immediately!

Understanding Pay Lines

As you already know, there are multiple winning lines in Win on Slots game. Here you can catch the luck absolutely for FREE in up to 100 pay lines at the same time. Winning lines look as below:

Slots Pay Lines

On this picture there are more than 25 various pay lines, so every time you spin you have 25 more chances to win big! Some lines are straight but some are curved etc. Imagine if you hit all the 25+ lines, how much coins will go into your pocket!

Another important thing to know is that you get winning streak every time you spin anywhere on the pay line. Don't worry about matching symbols, in Win on Slots FREE gambling casino, they don't need to be next to each other! You can decide on how many pay lines you bet, you choose how much money to spend and therefore how big you will win!

So good luck and let's Play Win on Slots Now!