Here at Win on Slots Online Casino we did our best to deliver you the most entertaining online gaming experience. Have a look on all the amazing traits you will find in our gambling paradise!

Start with

Bonuses & Goodies

To welcome you in our Win on Slots Online Casino we supply you with a great package of bonuses and power-ups straight at the start. Plus, there are continuous Promos at Win on Slots running weekly. By moving from one Game to another and leveling-up your gaming score, you are constantly getting access to the new opportunities and building up your Win on Slots gaming History.

Let's see what Cream of the Crop you get in Win on Slots Online Casino!

Weekly Competition

Here at Win on Slots Online Casino we have created engaging world of gambling where you can choose different leagues to participate in ongoing weekly tournaments. Win on Slots Online Casino includes 20 different Leagues:

Depending on your tastes you can select in which League to showcase you skills and challenge the Fortune! You also can meet here people form all over the world and make new friends by your interests! If you are lucky and persistent player, you can make it to the top of Win on Slots Leader Boards and become our next Win on Slots gambling Superstar.

Every League includes 21 levels of difficulty. You start with little numbers and continue through the level by winning more coins and leveling-up your XP levels. You also build your gaming score, so you can discover next levels and earn even bigger Prizes.

Overall Leagues are extreme fan Trust us, we have been playing Slots at Win on Slots for months here at Monster Brain Studios. We have different tastes in films and cartoons and Super Heroes and therefore belong to different leagues, so inside the leagues there is always something going on. At the moment we are working on creating in between Leagues battles and tournaments. It is coming soon! And it will be inter galactic experience, we promise.

Game Modes

There are 3 game modes in Win on Slots Online Casino to try out:

Classic Slots

This is Classic Slots Machine brought to your mobile in the most interactive way you can find on the Internet. Here you can enjoy 3D Graphics and enormous Wins! Have ever though of how many reels you can match at the same time? Up to 100 in Win on Slots Online Casino and we are working in bringing up even more.

Here you play versus computer and can play more than 100 games. You start with playing at the easiest level and by winning and leveling up you get access to the next game. Each game designed in the unique game mode, so you will find here all the best characters and themes you probably have encountered on the gaming space through recent years and the ones you couldn't even thought of. Best designers worked to made Win on Slots unforgettable and always exciting place to chill for you.

Here in Classic Slots you also can enjoy playing Slots in Offline mode. Specially for the cases when there is no Internet we have created games which doesn't require internet connection and don't take much space on your device, so they can be stored as a part of the game memory so you can play anytime anywhere.

1 on 1 Game

This is also Classic Slots Game with more than 100 games to play, but here you play versus the opponent. The game works like this: you are matched with the random player based on the level of your experience and you both playing the same game. The one, who scores more, wins the pool prize. The pool prize is the money you win, multiplied by the coefficient of your XP level and the XP level of your opponent.

In 1 on 1 Slots you also can play with your friends from social networks. In this case you should initiate the game and make sure, that your friend has the XP level, matching to yours. If you are about the same level, then you can pick the games opened for you and enjoy the bet.

Live Tournaments

Life tournaments can be played both as individual games and as part of the leagues. When you are taking part in League tournaments, they are counted differently. You basically making separate Win on Slots League score, which is simultaneously counted towards your overall gaming score. When you play individual tournaments, your score is counted only towards you overall score.

Individual tournaments are played between 8 players and we call them therefore Royal Club tournaments. In these tournaments you are matched with the opponents of the same level and the game goes in the same manner as in 1 on 1 Win on Slots plays. There is no entry fee to play, and the winner gets the pool prize, which is calculated in the same manner as in 1 on 1 game, but multiplier is significantly higher.

Tournaments you can also play with friends, the same counts for the leagues.