Win on Slots Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Win on Slots?

Win on Slots is a classic Slot Machine made in the format of virtual video game. This is FREE next generation online game which can be downloaded both on your Android and iOS mobile devices. Here at Monster Brain Studios we kept the best classic Slot Machine features, while bringing in cutting edge 3D graphics, ultimate game modes and the best user experience out there. You can play Win on Slots both on Android and iOS devices absolutely for FREE. Moreover Win on Slots is extremely social game, where you can bring your old friends and meet new friends from all over the world.

Can I play Win on Slots without connecting to my FB or Google+ account?

For sure, you can, in this case simply connect to Win on Slots with creating free Monster Brain ID. This can be done directly after you have downloaded Win on Slots for FREE.

Can I play Win on Slots Offline?

Yes, you can play Win on Slots even Offline. Especially for the situation when there is no Internet connection we have designed several game modes, which can be played in offline mode. The best thing about playing offline, that you still keep all the coins you have earned and they are added to your overall virtual wallet later on when you have Internet connection again.

What happens if I go minus playing in tournament and don't have enough money at the end of the game?

This situation is not possible in Win on Slots, since you never go minus during the game. If at the start of the game you don't have enough money, then you simply will not be allowed to participate in tournament. Notice you always can purchase additional coins in Win on Slots store or wait for free bonuses popping up every second hour.

How do I know that I won?

Every time you win, there is a notification message appears on the screen notifying you how many streaks you made and how much money you won.

How does timing work within the game?

There are no time limits in this game, since the game is not based on moves. However if you play tournament you should spin the reels within 5 minutes, otherwise you automatically lose the game.

Can I claim a draw in the game?

No in Win on Slots FREE Online Casino you cannot claim the draw. This will happen automatically in case both you and your opponent will spin exactly the same reels, which doesn't happen often especially when you play more than 25 reels at the same time. But in case it does, you will be notified automatically and the pool prize will be distributed evenly when you play 1 on 1 game, so the XP level. However if you play in tournaments, you will be offered to play again, since Royal Club tournaments designed on the win-lose basis.

How can I increase my chances to win?

Well, it is actually possible in Win on Slots Online FREE Casino. In order to get better possibility to win, you can purchase power-ups or so called Magic in our e-store. In order to do this, simply go to the Menu > Settings > Power-ups > Magic and make a payment. Notice that there are different types of magic, with different features, starting from one-time magic luck and ending 1 week super powers.

Does Win on Slots Online Casino impose any community rules? What if I get offended by one of the players, whom I should contact?

Win on Slots at the moment doesn't impose any community rules, but we believe in mutual respect and honesty while paying. At the moment we are working on the Win on Slots Manifesto, where we will write down all the ideas, we want to hold in our games, including communication between single players and different communities. However if you are experiencing offensive behaviour from any of the players, please contact our community officer immediately at

Technical Questions

I have problems downloading Win on Slots from Google Play. Could you please advice how to resolve this issue.

We suggest you to check if there is enough space on your mobile device.

1. Open Settings > Applications > Google Play Store > Clear Cache and Clear Data.
2. Restart your device and after download Win on Slots again.

If this action didn't help to solve the problem, try to do the following on your mobile device:

We cannot say how much free space you will need to spare, but Google recommends to have at least 1 GB for installing or updating apps.

If you still experiencing problems, please contact our support team at

Have problems connecting with FB account, what should I do.

In this case first try to fix your Facebook Account in the game menu.

Go to the menu settings and select Settings > Accounts > Facebook > pick your account and in the menu choose remove your account. After this reboot your device and add your Facebook Account back.

If after these steps you still experience problems logging with your Facebook account, contact our support team at Please provide all the required information on your device and its software version for quicker resolution.

Cannot login to Win on Slots with my Google+ account, could you please help?

Here we recommend you to follow the same procedure as when you cannot log in with your Facebook account.

In the game menu settings select Settings > Accounts > Google > choose your account in the menu and delete it, then restart your device and add Google account back.

If the above steps didn't help to solve the issue, please contact our support team at, providing all the necessary information on your device including its software version.

iOS recently has released new software update, is Win on Slots compatible with it?

Win on Slots is always on the top of all software updates, so there is no worry about it at all. Win on Slots will work perfectly with updated iOS.

Seems like there is a bug in the game, what should I do about this?

If it looks like there is a bug, please contact our support team at

Simultaneously try to reinstall the game on your device and log in again.

I have stopped using my current Facebook account connected with Win on Slots. Is it still possible to keep my Win on Slots current profile and my gaming history?

Absolutely, to have all your gaming history stored. In order to continue playing Win on Slots, simply create Monster ID and your Win on Slots account will be linked to it instead of Facebook.

How can I close/delete my Win on Slots Account?

Before deleting your account permanently think that in this case you will permanently lose all your gaming history, money you have earned, your XP level, friend list etc.

If you want to take a break from the game, you can deactivate your account for unlimited period. In this case all your data still will be stored on our servers, and you can get back to the game from the point you have left it any time. You can do it by going to Menu > Settings > Account > Disable My Account.

If you still want to delete your account for good, you can do it in Menu > Settings > Account > Delete My Account.

What if I cannot remember my Win on Slots password?

If such situation occurs go to the log in area, tap "Forgot my password" button, enter your email and we will send you new password over there. Notice generated password will be valid only within 30 minutes after we sent it, so make sure you have logged in before it expired.

Can I change my username while keeping the same Win on Slots account? If yes, how can I do it?

Yes you can change your username, but notice, you can do it only once! To do this go to the Menu > Settings > User Profile > Change UserName