About Us

Monster Brain Studios

Here at Monster Brain Studios we believe that playing video games is more than just having fun time. We seriously consider that quality timing is important part of the daily life and by having excellent game on your mobile device you become happier person.

Being a leading mobile game developer Monster Brain Studios carefully approaches the game creation process. We have been bringing into the world top rated online games during last three years always working hard on creating the best gaming experience for you. All of our games are absolutely FREE and can be easily downloaded from Google Play or App Store. Monster Brain Studios Online Games combine together all the latest design ideas, quality graphics and ultimate user experience.

Ever thought of how the games that catch had being created? The process goes like this. We are the team of 25 like-minded people, passionate about games, striving to create the funniest and most entertaining games for you. Every day we learn new things and always bring them together into the games. We are big fans of playing games and are extremely happy that can share our products with you.

The best professional team of developers, designers, customer support and business minds work in Monster Brain Studios. The company philosophy is based on quality principles and mutual support, where every day we bring our best to achieve best possible results. Monster Brain Games are not just fun games, playing our games you certainly having good time while also training your brain and getting social.

In our new Win on Slots game and more addictive beautiful games upcoming you will find the best compilation of all the most innovation practices and ideas in the gaming world. So welcome to the Monster Brain Studios magical gaming community!